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Hair Extensions

​Ever wanted long luscious locks? Is your hair fine and you need some extra body? Or do you simply just want to add a bit of extra colour without colouring your own hair?

Hair extensions can be amazing and us glam girls love them!


Just sides  £150

Sides & thickness short hair £250

Full head length & thickness £400

Delux full head £500

At your consultation, we will talk you through the full process from fitting to aftercare. Your extension specialist will give you a full quote and to confirm your fitting appointment we will require a 50% deposit. 

​FAQ - 

  • What are hair extensions?

Hair extensions are a method of adding length, volume or different colours to your natural hair.

  • How are they applied to the hair?

Each extension is added to a small highlight size section of natural hair. These are joined together using a bond/ Mirco ring. The bond/ mirco ring can remain in your natural hair for 3-4 months and will not cause any damage to your natural hair. Extensions generally last between 3-4 months depending on your natural hair growth, aftercare and maintenance. (Please expect your first set not to last the full time due to adapting to your new hair)

  • How do I maintain my hair extensions?

It is important to cleanse and condition your hair extensions with Sulphate free products (we stock extension shampoo). You can dry and style them as you would your own hair, only thing that is different is you MUST use a bristle brush! It is normal to lose about 10% of hair extensions or the extension may become visible, this is due to your natural growth.  A week after your appointment your extensionist will give you a call to check your extensions have settled in and you’re getting on fine with them. We recommend to maintain your extensions to visit the salon every 4-6 weeks to get them checked (mirco rings will need maintenance at this point).  


  • How do I remove my hair extension?

Full removal is advised to take place in salon and be done around 3 months (for pre-bond). This is because the extension grows down the hair shaft, the bond/ mirco ring may begin to show and your natural hair loss is held inside the extension. If extensions are not removed at this time or in the salon it may cause damage to your natural hair. Removal is a simple procedure and does not damage the hair in anyway the service will be performed by an extensionist. We recommend having a break between sets of extensions.


If you have skin complaints or sensitive scalp, we would recommend that you have a strand test. This is where several extensions are applied for a minimum of 5 days and then return to us to check there has been no problems. This is also recommended if you are on medication or pre/post pregnancy.

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