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After care - Eyelashes

Welcome to the world of lash naps, if you know you know.

Now there are some golden rules to caring for your new lashes to get the very best out of them.

• Allow the adhesive to dry for 48 hours.

If your lashes are “disturbed” or “exposed” to water or steam in this time frame there’s a good chance they will fall out earlier.

• Avoid oily products around eye area as this will break down the adhesive and cause extensions to fall out. A great eye make up remover is “Bioderma Sensibio H20 make up removing solution”- it’s a cleansing water and a no - rinse micellar Water. It gently removes makeup/ dirt/ debris from skin and eyes. It has a hyperallergenic formula with cucumber extract to aid dry / irritated/ sensitive skin. Moreover it will not harm your eyelash extensions or the adhesive used to apply them.

• Still shower but avoid putting head under water or rubbing eyes until glue has set.

• Avoid if you can lying on your front. Although we know it’s impossible to know what you’re doing when you’re asleep 😴

• No need to wear mascara as you’ve just paid for fabulous lashes :) although there are black coating sealants available which will give them a glossy finish and appear thicker.

• Brush your lashes gently using the “spoolie brush” given to you - but don’t over do it or pull to hard if some get caught, always a gentle comb through.

Finally there are certain times of the year where you will have a lash shred in these times we will advise you to have more regular maintenance so to keep lashes looking full or better still these times could be right for you to have a little lash break.

If you have any more questions about aftercare please drop us an email and we will be happy to answer them.

See you soon

Team Glam


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