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The hardest decision - Which Nail colour?

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

You book yourself a much needed Shellac treat and you just know that question is going to be asked normally within 30 seconds of sitting in the chair

'Which colour are we going for today?'

Why is this possibly the HARDEST decision?

Because this colour is going to be seen by you and many others for at least the next 2 weeks, it has to go with numerous outfit choices, take you from work to drinks with friends.. it truly is an important decision!! And I honestly don't think men get it:P

As a nail technician this question is normally a make or break as to whether you run on time for your next client or spend the rest of the day playing catch up, it also leads to some of the funniest facial expression.

I mean us Glam Girls feel your pain as we can be just as bad if not worse when picking a colour, the decision is made even harder as we have 100 + colours, including glitters, neons, chromes and foils and they keep releasing MORE!!

Selection of Shellac Colours

Heres 3 reasons why you should book your Shellac mani or pedi today.

1. No drying time.. gone are the days where you have to wait in the salon for traditional nail varnish to dry. Shellac is COMPLETELY dry by the end of the service.

I mean if you want to tell your partner you can't do the dishes, we have totally got your back!!

2. Shellac only takes 30 minutes, so it's perfect for lunch breaks, on the way home or can be done while your hair colour is processing.

3. Shellac can be done on any nail length, long or short - shellac will give you nails you will want to show off!!

Team Glam


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