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Frequently asked questions - Shellac Nails

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

What is Shellac and the difference between other gels?

Shellac is a brand of gel polish whereas gel nails is commonly the term used for nails done under a UV lamp.

How long do they last?

Shellac lasts around 14 days, lots of my clients get longer than the 14 days. There are a lot of different factors that will impact how long your shellac last.. your personal preference on how much you mind them growing out, if a nail breaks this will impact the seal of the shellac to the nail. Your profession and some chemicals also don’t work well with shellac.

Can i have an infill?

Sadly not with Shellac, removal and reapply would be your maintenence appointments.

My nails are short will they still last?

Yes and no, there is no reason why your shellac shouldn’t last on any length nails however if you are a nail bitter or have very weak nails from having acrylics keeping them short and tidy while your grow through a heathly nail is the best option.

What’s the aftercare for shellac nails?

The only aftercare I recommend is a cuticle oil or hand cream that is used once a day to nourish the nails. As ever wearing gloves when cleaning is going to help protect your Shellac. And remember treat your nails as jewels not tools.

How do i remove them?

We recommend salon removal as ever this will help keep the condition of your nails. What ever you do do NOT pick them off, this can cause damage to the nails. Salon removal takes around 10-15 the old colour will be removed using acetone and the natural nail is buffed, before preparing the nail for re applying or if you choice to leave them natural.

Do i I have to leave a gap between sets?

This is your personal preference, personally I cant live with no polish on my nails. As long as you look after your nails follow the aftercare and correct removal there is no reason why you can’t keep having shellac.

I have oily nails will shellac work?

Sadly you won’t know if they will last unless you try. As part of the nail prep dehydrating products are used and buffing of the nail bed will all help with products lasting. If you do find that your shellac comes off within a few days and as whole nails this is a sign of oily nails and shellac may not be for you.

Can i have French polish done with Shellac?

Simple answer yes. Shellac has a huge variety of colour and french is a classic option.

What nail art do we offer?

We have over 120 different colours, glitters, foils, neons and ombre for you to choose from so your sure to never run out of nail ideas. Zoe encourages clients to bring in their nail inspiration pictures and she will help to recreate them for you.

Got a question we haven't answered, we are more than happy to answer them.

Team Glam


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