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Frequently Asked Questions- Hair Extensions

Are our hair extensions human hair?

Yes you can get different types of hair extensions the ones we offer in salon are 100% human hair, they can be washed and styled just like your own hair.

Can you colour hair extensions?

Yes and no, hair extensions can be darkened however you can not make hair extensions lighter by colouring. Consultation and colour match is very important to insure the hair extensions blend seamlessly with your natural hair.

How do I wash my hair extensions?

Treating your extensions as close to your natural hair the better and longer you will get out of a set of extension. Shampoo using hair extension shampoo and conditioner recommended by your extensionist. NEVER wash you hair over the edge of the bath ALWAYS keep head upright ie in a shower. Washing upside down can cause unnecessary strain on the hair the extensions are attached to and can cause damage to your natural hair. Before shampooing your extensions make sure you give them a good brush to remove any tangles. Don't apply conditioner directly on to the bonds as this can cause the extensions to slip and become loose.

Can I brush them like normal hair?

Yes however you have to use a hair extension brush, this means the bristles are softer and move so doesn't pull or get court in the extensions. Brushing your extensions correctly is very important, naturally you lose around 100 hairs a day these can and will be hairs that your extensions are attrached to and then can not be shredding which can if not correctly maintained can cause matting which in turn will damage the natural hair.

What type of extensions do we offer?

Here at GlamouriZe we offer two different types of extension fitting, pre bonded and micro ring, both are a form of individual extensions. Pre bonded are attached to the hair with a small wax bond that is heated and rolled into the hair, these are prefered by people with finer hair as we can make the individual strand smaller being more discreet. Mirco rings are attached to the hair using a small ring these are prefer by people with thicker hair. Both are very discreet and are easily hidden when hair is put into styles.

Are hair extensions bad for your hair?

If hair extensions are applied correctly and maintained well then no, hair extensions aren’t bad. We do recommend having breaks inbetween sets to keep your natural hair strong and healthy. However once you have had one set you're sure to never want to be without them.

Got any more questions regarding hair extension?? Drop us an email at and we are happy to answer.

Thinking about hair extensions?? Book a complementary consultation, were we will be able to run through any question you may have and get you booked in for your new hair. Book here

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Hair extensions fitted by GlamouriZe

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