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Life of a hairdresser - The working mum

Finding out your pregnant is one of the best feelings but also the scariest. So many different thoughts and emotions, how am i going to handle being pregnant, how will I be able to work especially when we are on our feet for hours on end. All this and then when baby arrives everything is new and you worry your doing everything wrong.

Fast forward 2 years and I have a happy, funny, lively 2 year old toddler running rings around me. Coming back to work after having Freddie had to be one of the hardest decisions, the guilt you feel for leaving your baby but when im at work I get to be Charlotte and not Mummy. Being a single mum, coming to work is a break for me i'm lucky that i have the most amazing family that help with Freddie when i'm at work or if I need a little break. I love being a hairdresser so that definitely makes leaving Freddie a little easier.

Being a parent isnt the glamest of jobs some days I barely get a chance to brush my hair let alone get ready for work without a little person running off with my hair brush. Add in a broken nights sleep as sometimes Freddie can have me up 2,3,4 times a night or he wakes up full of energy at 5am so the next day is a very long day. On the days where I work I miss him so much but when I get home there is no better feeling than seeing his little face light up as he runs up to me to give me a cuddle. Knowing that I am working to help give Freddie the life he deserves makes it all worth while, its also teaching him that you have to work hard to have nice things.

Now I’m expecting my second this time round is very different, I’m a lot more tired and I know what my body has to go through at the end. I am so excited to meet him and for Freddie to be a big brother.

I will be going on maternity leave in the middle of August so please get your appointments booked in advance to avoid disappointment.



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