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Life as a hairdresser - Junior stylist

I left school in 2017 with no idea what I actually wanted to do, there was so much pressure put on me to attend sixth form and then go to uni but I just knew this was something I did not want to do.

As soon as I had the opportunity to leave education I knew I’d be flying out them doors with so much thrive and excite to step into the big world on my own two feet, earing my own money, I couldnt think of anything more appealing.

That summer I work in my aunties hairdressers washing clients hair, I spent the marjority of my shifts looking up to the stylist dreaming of being like them some day and that’s when something clicked and I knew hairdressing was the pathway I wanted to take.

My journey to becoming a hairdresser wasn’t all that easy facing a few set backs along the way but every bit was worth all the hard work I have put into completing my apprenticeship and qualifying.

From starting out as a Saturday girl washing clients hair too nervous to even talk to them, to building my confidence up to complete my assessments and building relationships with my clients. All of this has contributed in me becoming the person I am today.

Fast forward 2 and a bit years and here I am qualified and got my first job as a junior stylist at GlamouriZe with Zoe and Team Glam. I cant wait to get started and to met all the lovely clients. I will also be starting my advance training which is the next stage, I look forward to continuing to learn and perfect my skills.

See you in salon very soon



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