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Life of a hairdresser - with Fibromyalgia

Most people probably think hairdressing is Glam – We get our hair done all the time, gossip all day long with a cuppa.

What’s not to love?!

This would be great if all this were true!

In fact… we are the last people to get our hair done. We come to work looking okish and by the end of the day our hair and makeup are all over the place from all the bouncy blow dries. Tea’s are often left to freeze; a sandwich is scoffed before you’ve sat down and we may get a chance to nip to the loo while our next client is being shampooed.

AND when it’s super busy, we’ve probably been stood up for over 8 hours without a break! It’s much harder than you think.

Now add Fibromyalgia into this!!

What does this long word mean I hear you ask??

Well for starters it took us all a while to even know how to say it so we now call it Fibro :)

Fibromyalgia is a long term chronic pain condition causing pain all over the body, muscle aches, stiff joints, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, restless legs, headaches and much more – There seems to be a new symptom popping up all the time.

In November 2017 after struggling with symptoms for many years and seeing numerous different specialist I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Finally an answer to why my bones hurt, my muscles hurt, even my blood hurts (as strange as that sounds). Why I'm physically exhausted most the time even if I have managed a full 8 hours sleep (this is rare). Headaches are apart of daily life, even clothes can sometimes irritate me (don’t panic I still wear them;).

I’ve personally found weather changes can effect my fibro massively and remember there are no set symptoms, each person suffers differently. Flare ups can happen at anytime with no warning and sadly they can’t be pin pointed as to why. One day I can be “having a good day” and the next I can’t physically get out of bed.

These are just a few of the many symptons I have to contend with on a daily basis. This makes my life and job much more difficult. I do try not to moan too much however sometimes I’m a grumpy goat (Team Glam joke) and I must bore Zoe and the others to death!

Every day is a struggle. I have bad days, some days that are better but NO pain free days. A brave face and smile is put on a lot which is hard when you’re surrounded by mirrors all day.

Now 15 months on and living with Fibromyalgia daily I’ve learnt so much and still learning. I‘m one of the lucky few that truly love my job but I often worry that it will eventually take over my life and I won’t be able to carry on but for now I’m coping (just some days better than others)!

I’m so lucky to have a great support network both at home and at work all of which help cheer me up on the bad days and celebrate the little things on better days but most importantly who I know will struggle through this with me. Thank you all for being great!

This year I’m aiming to be much more positive and trying to not let bad days set me back as better are sure to come.

Since my diagnosis I have found quite a few of our clients also suffer with Fibromyalgia, it’s been lovely to talk to others so if you would like a chat you know where I am.

Remember, just because someone doesn’t look sick doesn’t mean they aren’t suffering. #invisibleillness

Rheannon x

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1 Comment

Ann Waters
Ann Waters
Mar 05, 2019

Thanks for the Blog and sharing with us the struggle that you go through daily! Fingers crossed one day the medics will find a cure for fibromyalgia rather than treat it and help the symptoms only. Well done . Ann x

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