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Beauty FAQ - Lashes & Brows

Q: What is LVL?

A: LVL stands for Length, Volume, Lift. It’s an eye treatment that straightens your natural lashes from the root and tinting them - giving the appearance of longer thicker lashes.

Q: How often can I have a LVL done?

A: The Treatment lasts 6-8 weeks so the earliest you could redo LVL would be at 6 weeks although you can have them re tinted at 4 weeks.

Q: How long does Lash tint last?

A: Approx 3-4 weeks

Q: Can I use mascara with LVL lashes?

A: Yes, In fact, it gives a more dramatic look

Q: Do lash extensions cause damage to your lashes?

A: If they are applied correctly and properly they are safe and do not ruin the health of your natural lashes. Be sure not to rub, pull or tag the extensions as this could cause lash loss and damage to your natural lashes.

Q: How long does it take to apply a full set of lashes?

A: Anywhere from 1hr30 mins to 2 hours for a full set.

Q: How often do I need them in filling?

A: Every 2-3 weeks. The appointment is an hour for 2 weeks and 1hour 30 mins for 3 weeks.

Q: How long does a brow tint last?

A: Approx 3-4 weeks

Q: What’s Involved in a brow shape?

A: Waxing and/or tweezering along and under the brow line and in middle of brows creating a suitable shape to suit.

We hope we have answered any questions you may have about LVL and lashes if you have any others please do drop us an email and Hannah will be happy to answer.

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