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Skin Testing

As we move closer to reopening we are all excited to have our hair and beauty appointments booked, however, we will require everyone to have a new AAT test.

Why do we skin test?

There are a lot more known allergies than even a few years ago, the main ingredient in colourant that people are commonly allergic to is called PPD. A reaction to colourant could be as small as an irritated scalp or worse cases are anaphylaxis shock and possible death. We, of course, have our clients best interests at heart so want to make sure that you are not sensitive to the colour we use in the salon.

Sadly even with a negative AAT this doesn't mean that you will definitely not have a reaction but it certainly lowers your chances.

But I've always had colour done?

Sadly you can become allergic to anything at any time. Especially after the last year with Covid and the vaccines we need to be extra careful to make sure you haven't developed sensitivity while the salons have been closed.

How is an AAT test done?

You will be asked to attend the salon around 48hours before your appointment, where you will be asked to fill in a form and then will be given a disposable bud with a small amount of colourant on it. This is to be applied to the inner fold of your elbow and left uncovered for 45 minutes. After this time you need to remove the colourant using lukewarm water. If your sensitive to colour this is when a reaction will occur, if the area becomes excessively red or hot, itchy or starts to swell then you need to seek medical advice and you will not be able to have the colour service done.

Please make sure you attend your skin test because without it we will not be able to perform your service and you could end be being charged for the appointment.

For more information please contact the salon directly.

Team Glam


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