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Covid-19 policy

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection prevention & control policy for

GlamouriZe Hair & Beauty Salon

With everyone being effected by this pandemic it is important that clients and staff know what has been put in place to protect everyone for when we can reopen and get back to doing what we love best – Glam’in you up!

As a business owner my main priority is that my staff are protected, safe and have all the information they need to perform the services in an environment that is as safe as possible for not only them but clients as well. Making sure we as a team are doing everything we can to protect you the client for your up coming visit to GlamouriZe.

These rules are in line with government guidelines for close contact services and they will be reviewed regularly to insure we are doing everything correctly and to the highest of standards.

We ask that if you or anyone in your household has any symptoms or feels at all unwell to NOT attend the salon and to cancel your appointment as soon as possible.

At this time GlamouriZe is only accepting hair appointments. Beauty will resume once the government allow.

Booking Appointments

To start with our online booking system will not be open to help us monitor appointment times and confirmation of appointments. If you have already filled out our ‘first in line’ form on our website we will be in touch via phone to schedule your requested appointments, when we do so we will carry out a consultation over the phone to assess if anything has changed since your last visit to us this allows us to make sure your appointment is booked in correctly. We will also inform you of all health and safety and Covid guidelines including a health questionnaire. At the time of booking we will now be taking a non refundable deposit and explaining our deposit policy. Once all appointments are made online booking will then be reopened, a deposit will be taken and we will call you to confirm and carry out the consultation and health and safety policies. To limit cross contamination we will not guarantee us answering the phone instead please follow the instructions on the answer machine or visit our website to book online and we will get back to everyone by the end of that working day. Some treatments have been removed from our service menu temporarily.

Visiting the salon

Please note that the reception desk is not being used for normal duties instead it is our PPE station. For your safety and to keep numbers in the salon low we ask that you arrive at the time of your appointment, when you arrive please wait outside the salon until a member of Team Glam calls you in. Please also attend your appointment alone there will be restricted waiting in the salon. As you enter the salon we will take a temperature reading and record this information, if your reading comes back as a course for concern you may be asked to leave and rebook. Hand sanitiser is located at the reception desk for your use on entering the building and you will be required to wear a face covering for the duration of your visit please bring your own or you can purchase from us at a small charge. Once this is done you will be shown to your seat, to adhere to social distancing we will be using every other chair for hairdressing and have rearranged the nail area to help keep a safe distance, please bring minimal belongings with you and keep with you at all times using the spare chair to store them. We have replaced our cups with recyclable ones to offer limited drinks, if you wish to bring your own please do so, all magazines/ books have been removed. At the end of your visit we ask that you stay seated while we bring the reception desk to you, we will be able to assist with product purchases, rebooking your next visit and take payments.

Cleaning procedures

Each hairdressing station will have its own trolly fully equipped for the next service, after each service all hairdressing tool that have been used will be cleaned and sanitised using Barbicide, all sides in and around the two stations will be cleaned and disinfected using detol. Basins will be cleaned before and after every use.

Beauty – the nail area will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised between each client, with all tools and equipment disinfected, the beauty room will be set up for the service prior and will be fully cleaned and sanitised after every client.

Door handles, bathroom, card machine, reception area will be cleaned and disinfected after every use.

Towels and gowns are clean for every client and will be washed in salon on a 60 degree wash.

At the end of the day everything will be thoroughly cleaned and hoovered ready for the next day.

Team Glam’s policy

As we enter our temperature will be recorded daily. The team will all be coming to and from work in non work clothes and changing at the beginning and end of the day, these clothes will then be taken home and washed. Visors will be worn at all times by Team Glam and disinfected after every client, gloves are also to be worn at all times, they will be changed and disposed of correctly. Masks will be worn by Team Glam if a client is vulnerable or someone in their household is please let us know. Nails must be kept short and tidy, hair must be worn appropriately so not touching clients or in our faces. As best we can we will maintain social distanced from each other during our working day.

Everything in this document has been implemented for my staff and clients safety. I will continue to take advice from the government and this document will be reviewed and updated when new guidance is released. Please bare with us as we get use to our new normal, if you feel there is something we can be doing better please let us know.

I cant wait to welcome everyone back and get back to work, if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate in dropping me an email

Zoe Cresswell Owner of GlamouriZe Hair & Beauty Salon 24/6/2020

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