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Hair and beauty salons are ESSENTIAL!

Something happens when you sit in this chair... in fact something happens when you enter this building!!

You relax!!

I know a lot of hairdressers and beauty therapists, fabulous ones at that some of whom have been doing it for many many more years than me and I bet they would all say the same...

Sitting in this chair or laying on that beauty couch isn't just about having a treatment done - its about so much more!!

Let me explain - you wake up everyday and you brush your teeth, wash your face, you brush your hair and if your really pushing the boat out you might even put on some makeup (I think I can count on 1 hand the times I put makeup on in 2020 mostly for zoom calls). While your doing these every day things you start noticing you need your hair doing or your beauty treatment top up so you book an appointment.

Fast forward to salon day, oh the excitement of having your treatments done and also filling in your favourite stylist or therapist in on the last 6 weeks of your life... the highs and the lows!!!

You enter the salon and straight away you relax why because you know your in a safe environment and then your greeted by a familiar face (all be it behind a surgical mask and big science looking goggles or visors).

You get comfy, start enjoying your treatment and the person behind the chair says those words you needed to hear 'how have you been?' Straight away you know that, that person who genuinely cares about you is ready and waiting to listen to all those highs and lows, they also somehow remember little snippers of previous conversations and I know I remember peoples drink choices - why because I care!!

I'll be completely honest with you, last year was hard minus being a business owner. I missed being that person behind the chair, missed being creative, missed talking to people all day everyday, missed the way I make clients feel throughout the whole experience of coming to the salon.. why? Because I care, because I love my job, because my job is so much more than being 'just a hairdresser' and because those clients have been through all the ups and downs in my life too!!

Visiting the salon is so much more than the treatment and certainly so much more than just for 'vanity', its therapy! You walk out those doors feeling lighter, freer, confident, happier, relaxed, excited and so much more!

Now you tell me another industry that can do all that while 'just' having your hair done or your nails done!!

And that's why hair and beauty salons ARE ESSENTIAL!!

Sadly GlamouriZe is currently paused again due to being moved into Tier 4 as the cases of Covid are rising - I know its the right thing to keep my team, our families, our clients and their loved ones safe but that still doesn't mean I have to fully agree with it.

Keep safe and well

lots of love


aka boss lady

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