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Beauty FAQ - Waxing

Q: What‘s the difference between hot wax and warm wax?

A: Warm wax is applied to the skin using a spatula and removed with a bonded strip. Typically used on brow shape/ lip/chin/leg. Hot wax is applied with a spatula and sticks to the hair not the skin and hardens then is peeled off. Great for smaller surface areas and a must for intimate or underarm waxing.

Q: How long does my hair need to be, to be removed by waxing?

A: Typically 1/4 of an inch. About the size of a grain of rice.

Q: How long should I leave between waxing appointments?

A: This really depends on how quickly your hair’ll be the best judge of that. But typically 3- 6 weeks.

Q: Does waxing hurt?

A: I’d say it’s a tricky one to answer- it pinches but the more you get it done the more accustomed you are to it and the less discomfort you’ll feel. Remember everyone’s pain threshold is different- what might be uncomfortable for one might not be for another! Best answer- dive in and try! Those that have never look back!

Q: What’s the difference between a Brazilian and a Hollywood?

A: For those wanting a landing strip or a unique design a Brazilian is what you’d be after. For those wanting absolutely everything off a Hollywood would be your choice. Both include removal of undercarriage and buttocks area.

Q: Does half leg include feet and knees?

A: Yes- although half leg can also be from knee to bikini line so covering the thigh, the choice is yours.

Q: How high does a full leg go?

A: From the tip of the toe to bikini line covering the whole leg.


For the first 24 hours after, to prevent clogging up and irritation to the skin it’s best to avoid the following:

• no hot baths or showers (luke warm water only)

•no saunas/hot tubs/steam rooms or massage treatments

•no tanning (sun beds/fake tan/ sunbathing)

•avoid scarring and over touching of the area with unwashed hands

• no exercise

• wear loose-fitting clothes

• no deodorant on under arm after the wax

Got any more questions drop us an email and we will be happy to answer.

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Team Glam


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