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Beauty- First time waxing?

Lets set the scene - you do your research and find a well-recommended waxing salon. Of course you choose GlamouriZe. You book your first wax appointment - well now what!

There are some top tips especially for the first time waxer

- Let it grow!! -Put down your normal hair removal tools around 4 weeks before your wax - yes we know 4 weeks you're thinking!! The hair ideally needs to be around the length of a grain of rice for the perfect wax removal. Now we as women understand this can be a hard task but honestly the results speak for themselves, so get planning!

- Exfoliate before your appointment -This removes dead skin cells and helps prevent those annoying in growing hairs. Also as important, do not exfoliate for a few days after your wax as this can irritate the area.

- Pop a pain relief before, if you're really worried about the pain, it may help you.

- Timing is key - don't book your wax 5 days before or 5 days after your period, your body is more sensitive at this time. Plus you don't want to be any more embarrassed than you need to be while in the room.

- Timing is key - holiday prep plan your wax a few days before you plan on getting into your swimwear as for some the redness can take a while to go down. Also, saltwater and chlorine can irritate the freshly waxed area.

- Plan your wax day - gym or exercising, go before your wax and make sure you are nice and fresh for your waxer, if you sweat on freshly waxed skin in tight gym clothes this may cause irritation as there is no longer any hair to absorb the sweat.

- Plan your outfit - now we know this isn't a night out but still the last thing you want is to have to get fully undressed for an armpit or leg wax, ideally you want loose fitting clothing to allow the skin to breathe after and to not cause irritation.

- Don't be embarrassed - if you're having any type of intimate waxing done just remember the waxer has seen it all before and better than most doctors they give you a towel instead of a little bit of tissue to cover your modesty. It's your wax so if you choose to keep your knickers on then that absolutely fine, just maybe don't wear your favourites just in case you get any wax on them as that is there for good!

- Know what you have booked - and to spare the way too graphic google search.

A bikini wax is a clean up of the sides of the pubic area and about between 1 and 2 inches from the top of the hairline only.

Brazilian wax means everything comes off the front and back with an area on the top that can be styled, landing strip, triangle, love heart - it's your wax.

Hollywood wax means completely everything off no hair left.

Now both Brazilain and Hollywood include undercarriage and buttock areas - yes this is to some the most embarrassing bit but like I've said it's your wax so your waxer will ask you to roll over and then ask what position you feel more comfortable in, all 4s or flat - honestly once you get to this bit your about 5 minutes away from being dressed and out of there!

- Aftercare is important -make sure you ask your waxer about aftercare as it will help get the best out of your wax.

- IT WILL GET BETTER - once you have done your first wax I bet you feel all silky and are wondering what all the fuss before was about. The first time is the most intense removing the hard, stubbly hair can be painful but after the hair becomes softer to less painful to remove - just don't return to the other methods in between you have to break that cycle. People who have been being waxed for years now bravely bat an eyelash!!

We have another blog for FAQ and aftercare on waxing do check that out also.

Go on be brave and book your first wax here

See you soon

Team Glam


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