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Glam Lockdown 3

Routine is key.

We are now a week in and if all you have done is sit about in your pjs then shame on you!!

Yes we know its boring and mentally draining but not getting into a lockdown routine will only make these weeks seem worse.

So us Glam girls have come up with some things that have helped us to get through the day without raiding the fridge every 2 minutes and trying to be a little normal - if thats possible.

First things first - sleep! Now this doesnt mean sleep all the time this means try and keep to your normal routine. It will help once all this madness is over.

Get up and get dressed - yes you could totaly sit about in your pjs all day and only change when you shower and put clean ones on but no make yourself get dressed, gym wear is our go to which means sports bras over actual bras WOO!!

Wash your hair - yes we know its a chore but you know when you are poorly and veg out for days and then when you do wash your hair and get dressed you feel much better! So go on treat yourself to a nice head massage while your at it.

Skin care - with all this time on your hands there is no excuse not to be looking after your skin! Get out the products and have a pamper!

Right now you are up and dressed its how to pass the time. Make a list of all the things you have wanted to do in normal day to day life but never get round to. Now section these jobs into big and small - big meaning a few hours, small meaning hour max. We have found working hour by hour is making the time pass plus everyone likes ticking off jobs completed.

Make sure you are also getting out the house for your daily excerise a simple walk or mayb even a run but lets not over do it.

Hope your doing ok and if you need anything even just a chat you know where we are.

Take care

Team Glam


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