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Lets talk transformation- Hair extensions

Dream of luscious locks?

Hair extensions may be the answer! AND you don’t have to be Rapunzel, extensions can be added for extra body (we all want some volume) and colour without changing your own natural hair.

Here at GlamouriZe we offer pre bonded and micro ring hair extensions which us girls have all tried and tested.

Rheannon even does her own!! 🙋🏽‍♀️

How to look after your new extensions? The best thing to do is treat them like your own hair. The less you faff with them the better. Now saying that, we don't mean to not look after them at all.

Our top 5 tips

1. Wash hair with sulphate free shampoo.

2. Do NOT go to bed with wet extensions, you'll thank us later.

3. Tie hair up loosely or plait for bed.

4. Remember to still use heat protection hair products.

5. Attend maintenance appointments.

Over the years hair extensions have had some bad press including those worn by celebs but let’s not forget all those glorious heads of hair we’ve all wished we had. We may have even hoped to look like some of these celebs too!

Extensions when applied correctly and maintained well, will cause NO damage, that’s right zilch. Most of our clients find when the extensions are removed their own hair has grown and is in better condition. Hooray, let’s book in now!

Book a hair extensions consultation for more info.

We look forward to seeing you soon

Team Glam


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