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Transformations - Kerasilk Control

Dream of smooth silky hair?

End the frizz battle with Goldwell‘s Kerasilk Control Treatment. That’s right, take charge and control that frizz!

Now, we don’t want to confuse you...this is NOT a straightening service, you will still have to style your hair as normal but it does reduce blow drying time! Extra 15mins in bed! You’re sold already 🙋🏼‍♀

The Kerasilk Control Treatment provides long lasting transformation into smooth, soft silky hair for up to 3-5 months. Our clients who have already had the treatment haven’t looked back - it truly is amazing!

Now this treatment does take around 3 hours so you need the time to relax in the salon, we’ll provide the ever popular caramel lattes and of course the biscuits. Your stylist will go through a consultation with you where we’ll understand your desires and needs. There are a few different formulas to choose from depending on your requirement. A lot of hair washes are involved so not only can you enjoy your new smooth hair you’ll also be squeaky clean.

If you need your colour doing at the same time this can be done depending on how we apply your colour your stylist will be able to tell you if this is possible at the same time as your treatment.

To gain the full benefits and longevity from your new treatment be sure to purchase the Kerasilk Control Shampoo and Conditioner. We’re not fobbing you off, these really do help and when you have spent your time and money on a treatment aftercare is so important.

Kerasilk Control Treatment is normally £160 which divided by 4 months means it’s only £10 per week for amazingly smooth, silky hair - bargain!!

Keep reading below

Every client that has had Kerasilk Control has had it again and for us this speaks volumes.

This month (August) we have an incredible offer that you won’t want to miss!!

Kerasilk Control Treatment for just £100 yes that is a massive saving of £60, now there is a few conditions to this offer it is only valid Tuesday to Friday between 10-4 and can be booked with Shannon.

What are you waiting for get booking online

If you have any question please drop us an email and we will be happy to answer them.

See you in salon very soon

Team Glam


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