Thailand - Now that was an experience!!

As many of you know I went to Thailand at the beginning of January, we spent 3 nights in Bangkok and then went on to Phuket for 10 nights and as much as I switched off I also was thinking of things that could be useful to bring back into the salon or to use in our blogs.

Thailand is known for many things some of which we didn’t experience - thankfully! But we certainly took advantage of the Thai massages and WOW. I have been very lucky to have had many massages from aromatherapy to sports massage and while we was in Phuket we had 3 massages a foot and leg, Thai massage and an oil massage.

Having heard so much about massage salons in Thailand and there was certainly a few urm how can I put this nicely - “uninviting“ back alley salons in Bangkok that I’m sure lived up to the well known “extras”. So when you arrived in Phuket we dec