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Top 5 benefits of a hot stone massage

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Never had a hot stone massage?? You are seriously missing out...

A hot stone massage is performed by using flat, smooth, heated stones which are places and rub on pin points of the body, the stones are typically placed on your back or along your spine. This is a popular massage as it has many benefits that many people may struggle with. You can also use the stones cold to help release aches and pain - it’s not always heat that helps.

Top 5 benefits -

1. Relieves muscle pain, tension and improves the relaxation of the muscles.

2. Releases toxins in the body helping skin look clearer

3. Helps reduce the build up stress or anxiety

4. Helps to promote a better sleep

5. Improves blood circulation and flow of energy

We offer 60 minute hot stone massage for £55 or if you let us know before your appointment Hannah can incorporate them into a Swedish massage for you however for full benefits of the hot stones we recommend booking hot stone massage.

Team Glam


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