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Why a 3 minute holiday is good for you.

The nights start to draw in and all of a sudden you don't feel as happy and cheery, everyone struggles in the winter whether its the fact it feels like you never see daylight or just generally dislike the cold. A regular 3 minutes on a sunbed could benefit your mood, skin and health within weeks, the perfect way to boost yourself in the cold gloomy months.

Sunbed available at GlamouriZe

Ever feel SAD in the colder months??

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type of mild depression that comes and goes in a seasonal pattern, SAD normally occurs in the winter for most people as they have a lack of Vitamin D which has been caused by the lack of natural sunlight.

Vitamin D is essential for good health, many people in the winter months struggle to get the right amount of vitamin D they need, to have a healthy body and mindset. It is very difficult to eat enough vitamin D rich foods on a daily basis to achieve these levels.

Not only does a lack of Vitamin D effect you in the winter months, the lack of sunlight can lead to having lower serotonin levels which is what is linked to the feeling of depression, serotonin is a hormone which affects your mood, appetite, and sleep.

Always feel tired in the winter? Find it harder getting out of bed? I think we can all definitely say yes to tiredness increasing when the weather changes, the body can produce a higher amount of a hormone called Melatonin which is what makes you feel sleepy. Your body uses its own internal body clock to assist with things such as when you wake up, this is also affected by the amount of sunlight in the winter months. The lower the levels of sunlight the more your body will be disturb in the winter months.

However sunbeds are a great way to help boost your intake of Vitamin D and improve your over all mood. Having a sunbed 2-3 times a week for between 3-6 minutes, will dramatically increase your levels of Vitamin D and as a result help to improve your symptoms of SAD.

We offer pay as you go or you can purchase packages for the use of the sunbed. Here at GlamouriZe we have 1 stand up sunbed which does not require appointments being booked all we ask is that you arrive at least 15 minutes before we close. We have sachets and bottles of sunbed lotions which also improve your tan as moisturised skin tans up to 40% better.

Why not pop by next time you pass or ask a member of staff at your next appointment.

Team Glam



As we are not doctors we will never diagnose any medical conditions and with certain medical conditions we always advise asking your doctor first before using the sunbed. A fully trained member of staff is always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

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