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3 Glam tips - Blowdry

Hands up who dreads hair wash day..

I mean it normally falls when you don't have plans and it's not just the shampooing part, it's then the drying and styling as well *sigh*

1st world problems I know but we all feel it.

Curly Blowdry

Here are Glam's top blowdrying tips:

1. Hair is most delicate when wet so make sure you're looking after it. After shampooing and conditioning try not to towel dry hair too vigorously as this causes more tangles. Always detangle hair from ends to roots using a wide toothed comb. For really tangled tussles a detangling spray will help. We recommend Goldwell’s Kerasilk Reconstruct Regenerating Blow Dry Spray £21.75.

2. Heat protectors are a must.. imagine ironing a silk dress with a 200 degree iron this would definitely end badly!! Protect your locks with a good heat protector. We recommend Goldwell’s Kerasilk Styling Smoothing Sleek Spray £21.75.

3. When blow drying hair always aim the nozzle down the hair, this helps smooth the cuticle and amplifies hair shine. However to add more volume start by blowdrying the root upside down and then finishing with your head up and nozzle pointing down the hair.

We have the ULTIMATE package that will banish those hair wash days all together!!!

Just imagine not having to wash, dry and style your hair and even not having to buy shampoo again! Plus you will get a cheeky cuppa, biscuit and get to enjoy a relaxing head massage!! Buy 3 blowdrys and get 1 FREE, all you have to do is book in your first blowdry, purchase the package as you leave and then get booking the rest of your appointments. It really is that simple!!

Now I know you're probably thinking how am I going to find time or I bet this is silly money, well blow dries take between 30-60 minutes so they are perfect to fit in your lunch break or even on your way home.

Our buy 3 get 1 FREE package is from £45 (for long/thick/extensions it is £60) this package is also valid for 60 days so plenty of time to get your hair done!!

So what are you waiting for, treat yourself and never be late because you was washing your hair again!! BOOK NOW

Team Glam


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