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3 Glam tips - Curls

Lets be honest we all love curly hair :)

But whether its natural or not.. they can be very hard to handle!!

Most people with naturally curly hair learn over the years ways to enhance and tame the frizz themselves...

Like - never blowdry their hair and let it dry naturally.

Only brushing their hair when its wet, never once it has dried.

Anti frizz products are their best friends.

So our glam tips are for those who aren't naturally blessed with curls instead have their own battles trying to curl their locks and keep it curly

Curly Blowdry

3 Glam Tips - Curls

1. Wand curls - create tight/loose curls & waves. Use different size sections and the way you wrap hair around the wand can give different looks, make sure you hold the hair long enough on the wand but not too long that you burn the hair. Make sure you wear the glove provided so not to burn yourself. When curling hair with the wand always make sure you hold the wand vertical with the smaller end at the bottom so the hair comes off the wand into the curl without getting tangled.

2. Tong curls - create loose, bouncy curls. Use different size sections and curl hair opposite way to create more texture. There are lots of different ways to use a tong again giving you different looks. Tong curls being looser will drop quicker so choosing a smaller barrel tong can help them last longer.

3. Straightener curls - create various different looks from tight curls to waves, all depending on the way you wrap the hair. For a lot of people straightener curls are not easy to do on yourself and all of Team Glam prefer either using the Wand or Tong as their personal preference. However on certain hair types straightener curls work and last better.

In salon we pin curls up while they cool to help them set, some clients even choose to leave with their hair pinned as the longer you leave them the better. Clients have been spotted in their pin curls popping into the garden centre and checking into hotels and Zoe has also been for dinner in her rollers before a night out.. yes you may get some funny looks but these ladies owned it!

We also advise you to NOT brush your hair when it's been curled as this will make your curls drop, instead run your fingers through with some Kerasilk Control Rich Protective oil to finish the look before you leave the house.

There are many different ways to curl hair we have simply chosen the 3 most common.

As always doing your own hair can be such a chore and we all deserve a treat so got an event coming up why not book in for the professionals to do it for you

As ever we are here to answer any questions and we love seeing your Glam Selfies.

Team Glam


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