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3 Glam tips - Smooth, Silky hair

Us females are all the same, always want what we can't have, well boo to that as yes we totally can have what ever we want.. within reason of course ;)

Well here I'm obviously talking about hair

Naturally curly - want it straight

Naturally straight - want it curly

We can help..

I know I know we keep banging on in every blog about products *insert eye roll* but honestly they are the foundation to good hair!

Is your hair a battle every time you wash it or even daily styling??

Here are our 3 Glam Tips


1. Prep is key - Start with Goldwell's Kerasilk Control shampoo and conditioner, in fact the whole range will be your best friend for smooth silky hair. Once hair is clean, towel dry and apply Control Smoothing Fluid to mid-lengths and ends this product instantly smooths and tames. It also provides heat protection so perfect for wet hair.

2. The Blowdry- Always blowdry your hair with the nozzle attachment on your hairdryer, why? This will direct the flow of air better helping smooth the cuticles. When blowdrying always aim the hairdry down the hair, yes this means you will probably get arm ache but good hair is worth the arm workout:P.

If you want to be extra pro - the key to blowdrying is sectioning, rush this and you will need to do all your hair everyday, get it right and you may only have to tweak in between washes. Use a round brush or large flat brush to help smooth hair while drying. In salon we always blowdry hair with a brush even if we are using heated appliance after, this insures the hair is all dry and will make the blowdry last longer.

3. The finish - once your hair is dry apply Control Rich Protective Oil again to mid- lengths and ends this instantly tames and adds intense shine, it also provides humidity and heat protection. Now you are ready to Straighten, make sure you section your hair, comb/ brush all tangles out, as you are straightening the section tilt the straighteners under just a little (not to much or you will end up with a curl) as you go down the hair this will help smooth any fly a-ways. Try not to go over the section too many times as you will remove natural volume, you should just be smoothing.

Once hair is done finish with some more Control Rich Protective Oil and Control Humidity Barrier Spray.

If you are still struggling with your hair or would like to potentially half your blowdry time then we have the perfect treatment..

Kerasilk Control Keratin Treatment -

This treatment lasts between 3-5 months and transforms unmanageable, wavy/curly and frizzy hair into long-lasting smooth and soft silk like hair.

After Kerasilk Control

Team Glam


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