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Glam tips to keep your hair stunning this summer

Summer can be a hard time when it comes to the condition and styling of our hair, sometimes you just need a quick easy style hack to keep those locks looking healthy in the heat. With these tips and tricks you can’t go wrong this summer...

Ever wondered how you can style your hair in the summer?

Then enjoy these two quick styles that will leave you feeling glam all day.

The messy bun and beachy waves are both go to hairstyles for this summer as they are both quick, easy and can be done wherever you are, no matter how good or bad you are at doing your own hair.

All you need is a hair tie and these tricks on how to create your perfect summer hairstyle!

The messy bun

The messy bun look has always been a popular choice in the summer but is much easier than it looks to create it yourself at home.

Start by thoroughly brushing your hair, now throw your head upside down and gather your hair into a high pony. With your hair tie secure the hair once and on the second go dont pull all the hair through and then secure the tie over it all once more. Now grab a few bobby pins and pin down the sides of the loop you have made and then secure the ends up into the bun. A bit of tweaking may be required and then hair spray we love Kerasilk Fixing Effect Hairspray for this.

Classic beach waves

These beautiful soft beachy waves are a big hit on holiday and perfect when you are going for a subtle textured look.

Beachy waves are much easier than most people think, this technique involves using no heat leaving the condition of your hair as good as before.

By plaiting the hair while it is still a little damp overnight gives the hair volume as well as beautiful waves. Scrunch though some Kerasilk Enhancing Curl Creme throughout the hair can also give it more of that beachy texture and slight hold without damaging the condition of your hair. Finish with some Kerasilk Texturising Finishing spray.

Products are a big part of taking care of the condition of the hair in the warmth so why not pick your favourites to enjoy this summer!

These are Team Glam's favourite products to use in the summer:

• Kerasilk Control Rich Protective Oil

This product will protect your hair from the summer heat, control frizz and make your hair shine in the summer sun.

• Kerasilk Humidity Barrier Spray

When the air is hot and humid we tend to find our hair turns frizzy, Kerasilk Humidity Barrier Spray will leave you with a long lasting controlled look as well as preventing frizz.

• Kerasilk Regenerating Blowdry Spray

Protecting your hair from any type of heat is important in the summer, using our blowdry sprays after shampooing allows you to create your favourite looks with your favourite tools without causing extra damage to the hair or even leaving it to dry in the sun this product has UV protection and heat protection built in.

These are just 3 of Team Glam's must have holiday products. Want to know more about looking after your hair on holiday just ask your stylist at your next visit or drop us an email and we will be happy to help.

See you soon

Team Glam


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