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3 Glam tips - No heat styles

Your hair is just as delicate as your skin so looking after it is massively important.

Excessive heat is a definite NO NO for healthy long lushus locks - as stylists we know that the key is protecting your hair from heat and we are not only talking about heated equipment (straightener, tongs- do people still iron their hair I wonder :P) we are talking UV heat and even the hair dryer.


Firstly, using the correct shampoo and conditioner suited to your hair;

Dry hair - Kerasilk Reconstruct

Frizzy hair - Kerasilk Control

Fine hair - Kerasilk Repower

Coloured hair - Kerasilk Colour

A good heat protector should be used even before using a hair dryer and our favourites all double up as brilliant detangler sprays;

Kerasilk Regenerating blow-dry spray

Kerasilk Volume Blow-dry spray

If you are off on holiday our Kerasilk Protective blow-dry spray has the added essential of UV Protections as well!!

Your hair also deserves a treat every now and then, we recommend using one of our hair masks once a week to really help lock in condition. This can either be done by swapping your conditioner and instead using the mask or as a stand alone treatment where you apply the mask to dry hair and leave it in for as long as you can. For best results, leave in overnight and then rinse and shampoo as normal.

Applying a mask to your dry hair means it is diluted less by the water already on your hair meaning more condition... perfect!

Rollers are a girls best friend

3 Glam tips - NO HEAT STYLES


•sleep in rollers will become your best friend!

•easy to use

•create volume, flicks & bouncy hair

•wear a silk scarf to bed to keep rollers in & tame fly away hair

Yes I know what you're thinking, "how am I going to do this".. Honestly it's easy with a little practise.

Follow all the tips above, for big bouncy hair we would recommend Repower shampoo and conditioner and then spraying hair with the Volume blow-dry spray and for that extra bounce a few pumps of Volume Plumping Cream.

Dry hair to 80% -100% dry (depending on time you have), once done give your hair a good brush through and get those trusty rollers ready.

Take a section no bigger width than your roller either side of your parting and no deeper than the thickness of your roller and form a rectangle shape, comb this section upwards making sure tangle free and then apply your roller making extra sure the ends of your hair are stuck to the roller and tucked in and roll down.

This will take a bit of practise and remember it doesn't have to be perfect!

Keep sectioning the same until all your hair is in rollers, if you are sleeping in them wear a silk scarf to bed, alternatively if your short on time make sure hair is 100% dry and then leave them in as long as you can.

When removing always start from the bottom and roll the roller carefully out, remove all rollers before either running your fingers through the hair or gently brushing, you may need some Control Smoothing Fluid to finish the look.


•sleep in plaits

•french plait - tighter curl/wave from root

•normal plait - looser waves

This is perfect if you have an early start or are short on time in the mornings. Follow all tips above, for controlled waves without the frizz we recommend Control shampoo and conditioner and any of the blowdry sprays to best suit your needs.

You can do this style on both wet and dry hair however we prefer 80-100% dry. Apply Enhancing Curl Creme before sectioning hair into 2 section like good old bunchys we all remember as kids :).

Either french plait or normal plait both sections as far down the hair as you can before securing with a hair band.

SLEEP, yes thats it leave it in over night.

Remove plaits in the morning and apply Rich Protective Oil through midlengths and ends. Try not to brush out plaits as this can make hair frizzy and loosen waves.

Finish with Humidity Barrier Spray.


•great to eek out hair wash day

•curls from rollers or plaits will make hair easier to pin

•can be as messy or as neat as you wish

We all have days where we just can't bring ourselves to wash our hair, the messy bun will be your saving grace on these days.

Follow all tips above, Volume Dry shampoo is a must have for this style, if you know you will be doing a messy bun the next day sleep in plaits the night before or have a few rollers on hand in the AM for a little extra lift.

Spray hair with Volume Dry Shampoo at the roots and comb through, take a section of hair around your crown and gently tease (backcomb) the underneath for some height. Smooth down the top section and then get your bobby pins at the ready- yes once you have found them as they like to disappear you can either grab and pin sections, perfect if hair is finer but if your hair is thicker you may find it easier by putting hair into a pony tail and then grab and pin around it. This style can be tricky to master and you can never have too many pins. Finish with Fixing Effect Hairspray.

3 Glam styles with no heat.. I know you have probably read this and thought I'm never going to be able to achieve these looks, practise makes perfect even us as hairdressers didn't get it first time.

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have regarding these styles, alternately ask us in salon to show you how we will be more than happy to help.

Or even better book yourself a treat and not have to worry about it :P

Tried one of the styles.. send us your pics, we would love to see them.

Team Glam


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