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Caring for your hair during the winter months

Your hair needs TLC all year round!! Struggling with dryness or even how to style your hair. Then this is just the blog for you, this will give you the guided tour to perfect hair for winter.

Is the condition of your hair left poor after the summer sun?

A lot of people struggle with the condition of their hair during the winter months, most of the time this is due to heat damage or product build up and hair being dried out by the sun over summer. Well we can help you with this with one of our Kerasilk conditioning treatments. The conditioning treatments help to regain moisture in the hair and leaves it feeling soft. Not using heated equipment on your hair day in day out can also help boost the condition of your hair, reducing breakage and split ends.

Stuck on how to style your hair ?

Curls are a popular choice In the winter months as it’s a good way of wearing your hair down with an effortless look. The curls can be done with a wand for a light beach wave or using a tong for a more bouncy blowdry effect. Depending what look you would like to achieve, or to reduce the use of heat curls can be created overnight by twisting damp hair into 2 sections or several sections and securing with a hairband to keep the twists secure. You can also achive beach waves by plaiting your hair overnight. Both of these ways are perfect for people that hate spending ages styling there hair in the mornings.

Got any more questions email us and we will be happy to answer them.

We hope to see you soon!!

Team Glam


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