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Frequently asked questions - Hair Colour

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

I’ve coloured my hair for years, do I still need a skin test?

Yes. A skin test is a MUST before all colour services. Skin tests aren’t just for new clients, we skin test clients every 6 months. Certain factors can effect senistively to hair colour such as medication and operations, pregnancy, new tattoo's, semi and permant makeup, henna and much more. Without a skin test we are not insured to carry out any form of chemical service. Reactions are becoming more and more heard of and can be very mild, itchy redness of scalp, or very severe with swelling, hospital treatment required and also very rare - death!

It may be seen as pointless but it could save your life. Find a salon that doesn't skin test our advise is stay away!!

How often should I have my hair coloured?

This answer is different for everyone, factors such as hair growth, colour fade and those dreaded greys or sparkly bits ;). It also can depend on how the colour is applied on scalp applications we would usually recommend between 4-6 weeks for your next appointment. Where as off scalp such as highlights can grow out more subtly meaning 6-8 weeks is more achievable.

If maintenance up keep is something you struggle with speak to one of our stylists as there are many options for low maintenance looks.

What’s the difference between tint and mech/ foils?

Tint is a colour applied all over directly onto the scalp and hair. Mech/ foils is known as an off scalp application and mostly used for highlights/lowlights but also specific placement of colour. You can have both types of application depending on the overall look you want to achieve.

What is a toner and what do they do?

A toner is mostly used after having highlights or a bleach applied and is used to help counteract any unwanted tones. They also help to blend in highlights to give it a softer finish. Toners are a semi permanent colour and do wash out. If your desired look is grey/white a toner will need to be applied more frequently to maintain the tone. Purple shampoos can help to keep your hair less brassy in between salon visits.

How can I make my hair colour last longer?

There are a few things you can do to help hair colour last longer. Correct products – a shampoo and conditioner for colour treated hair should be used to help prevent colour fade. Rinsing in cooler water will help especially with fashion colours such as reds and purples. Covering hair in the sun. Avoiding lots of heat i.e. straighteners.

In salon we have Kerasilk colour treatment which protects from colour fade for up to 6 weeks long, ask your stylist at you next visit.

What is bond pro+ treatment?

This 2 step treatment prevents breakage and protects hair from damage which may occur when colouring and lightening. Step 1, protection serum is added into the colour product by your stylist, this penetrates the hair and protects the hair fibre from within. Step 2, nourishing fortifier is a rich, intensive treatment which reinforces the bonds in the hair, this is applied after rinsing out the chemical and before shampooing. Bond pro + leaves hair protected, revitalised and deeply nourished, hair looks and feels significantly healthier.

Can I get from black/dark to platinum blonde?

Lots of factors can effect this process, a full consultation is essential to assess if it is even possible, our main concern for any colour correction service is always the hair condition. At the consultation we will ask lots of questions regarding your hair history over a period of time this depends on how long your hair is. We will also carry out strand tests so we can see how the hair reacts to potential products. The answer may not always be the one you want and this kind of transformation will take multiple appointments.

If you have any more questions that we haven’t answered, please don’t hesitate to ask we are here to help.

Team Glam


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