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Lets talk transformation - Hair Colour

Hair transformations don’t happen over night - especially when going blonde! All too often we see people wanting to drastically go lighter, in one appointment, not have their hair cut and not prepared for the expense.

We may be hair fairies but we can‘t perform miracles.

Before we start any work, whether that be for colour, a cut or a simple blowdry a thorough consultation is carried out. This is key to both us as the stylist and you clients understanding one another and for us to be honest as to what realistically can be achieved.

Going blonde is no quick process. Be prepared for multiple sessions before achieving your desired look. Along the way, the dreaded warmer tones which most people want to avoid will arise. This, unfortunately, is all part of the lightening service. We did say earlier we can’t perform miracles! Toners are used to knock out some warmth but these do fade and we also need to make sure they dont cause a barrier when performing the next session of lightening.

Although we try our very best with meeting client requirements our main priority is the condition of your hair. Numerous treatments will need to be done throughout, this also includes after care at home. Help us out a little people!

Blonde also isn't for everyone. It's our job as a stylist to give across our opinions too AND if we think your hair can’t hack it, we won’t be afraid to say so. We all might think the customer is right but please listen to us, we didn’t spend years at college and attending expensive courses for nothing.

Thinking of a transformation/colour change?

Remember, skin tests are required 48 hours before all colour services.

See you soon

Team Glam


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