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Spring has sprung

Gone are the dark gloomy never ending days, Spring is FINALLY here 😊

As the nights start to get lighter for longer we find ourselves doing the same with our trends in hair and nails. Spring is the time to make a statement and add the fun to your hair and nails. 💁🏼💅🏼

Hello Spring

Lift your hair and mood! There's no better time than Spring to change your look! Hair trends never really go out of fashion - they all come back round again with a different twist.

- Textured bobs/ lobs - You'd be surprised what you can do with short hair. Create loads of movement effortlessly. Can be worn varies ways, straight, curly or wavy and even up.

- Messy buns - Don't you hate those people who can just chuck their hair up into a bun and it still looks great?! It literally is just that and we think a messy bun can never look too messy...ok, maybe there is a limit to messiness but honestly, they're pretty easy. Perfect for those lazy days in between hair washes,

- Long braids - We love plaits and the many different types and looks you can achieve. French, dutch, waterfall, with a little practise and a few online tutorials you may have googled you'll get the hang of it in no time. OR you can come and see us for some help :)

-. Blonde and silver Hair - People start going lighter from warm honey tones to ash/silver blondes (yes it's still around). Going lighter also doesn't mean you need to be blonde all over, break up brunettes with some caramel bits, maybe try a balayage, ombre or highlights. Pop in for a FREE consultation. We've got you sorted!

Its not only your hair you want lighter nail trends also change in Spring time

- Pastel colour nails - Bye bye dark reds & purples. Hello fun candy colour nails.

- Neutral & Nudes - These are a firm favourite all year round. Perfect for short or long, allowed polish not allowed polish.

- Rounded shape nails - When next asked which shape your prefer, reply rounded this shape makes your nails naturally look longer and its very feminine.

- Nail art - Now everyone loves a bit of glitter but we are not just on about a little extra sparkle, add patterns, foils, shimmer chromes. Anything goes and can range from subtle to way out.

Whether you break the rules or you stick with the trend, Spring is definitely a firm favourite of ours in the salon for a change.

Book an appointment to get yourself spring ready - here

See you soon

Team Glam


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