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Team Glam's top beauty treatments.

As most people know beauty is a whole new world for Team Glam after it being introduced in July, now a few months of testing out the treatments we all have our new found favourites.

Ranking top of Team Glam's list is a massage however we all have our own preferred choice.

Zoe's favourite is a Swedish massage, this massage has a firmer pressure compared to aromatherapy which helps to relieve tension in the muscles. With us being busy and on our feet all day we often suffer from back, neck and shoulder pain. This is one of the main factors why Zoe prefers to have this massage as it eases the pain after the first session. Aromatherapy is most loved by Rheannon as she struggles with her fibromyalgia in the colder months leaving her achy and down, this massage helps as the pressure isn't as intense but still helps to relieve some of the daily pain she has and the scents help her to relax.

Sydney's favourite has to be the Ultimate Facial, she has now started to have regular facials to help her with her confidence and clear up her skin. Sydney struggles with cystic acne, being in front of customers and surrounded by mirrors all day is hard but having a regular facial has relieved the angriness of her skin due to the award winning Temple Spa products used and stimulation to the skin through massaging the products into the face. The most beneficial part of the facial would have to be the steaming and extraction, as the steam allows each individual pore to open and be extracted leaving your skin fresh and smooth. Watch this space for the progress of Sydney skin through the next few months.

Waxing is the most popular services for our clients and ourselves - I mean who doesn't like to be hair free.

Us Glam girls have now experienced most of the areas offered except the chest or back, we will save that for the gents!;) As we are now a few months into having regular waxing we are all now seeing the benefits. Some of the benefits are the regrowth does not grow back as quick or as coarsely, another benefit is that it improves the feel of the skin this is done by pulling off the layers of dead skin. As Sydney has been the model for most of the beauty applicants trade test she felt that Hannah was the most gentle and thorough waxer. This is also why Hannah gets so many compliments on waxing and people feel more confident in coming back due to the build up of trust and relationships made. One client reviewed her first visit and said she has never laughed so much while being waxed, she is now a regular client.

Another area of beauty that is really starting to grow is Lash treatments whether its LVL-lash lift on your natural lashes which look awesome or full on glam lash extensions these are services that intrigue our clients and then, in turn, they fall in love with them making them apart of their regular visits to the salon. Skin tests are needed for both LVL and lash extensions.

We can't do a blog about beauty without mentioning our Shellac Nails which we have always done, since Hannah has started we have added numerous extra services along with Shellac nails. Including full pedicure which we have called Perfect Tootsies, you can also add on Callus peels and our new IBX treatment to help strengthen your nails from the inside out. For more information on these new treatments please message us. With over 100 different colours & glitters, you will be stuck for choice when the dreaded 'Do you know which colour?' question is asked during your appointment.

We would love to know what your favourite treatments are and why, so don't be afraid to test them all out and let us know.

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We look forward to seeing you soon

Team Glam


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