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Why choose short hair

Having short hair can be a winner when it comes down to choosing a new hairstyle or look. If you're thinking of joining the short hair trend or are getting a little bored of your current style then this blog is the one for you, explaining all the fun and benefits of having that shorter style!! Plus less hair to wash and blow-dry!

The best thing about having short hair is the variety of cuts available to you, short hair can be rocked in many different ways with one of the most popular looks of course being the bob. The bob itself can open many doors into choice of styles for example the 3 most popular bobs this year include:

. Choppy layered bob

. Graduated bob

. Shoulder length bob also known as the 'Lob'

Another one of the most popular short looks this year include a cropped pixie cut, this is the go to cut for those people who like to have a easy maintenance and effortless looking style.

Styling your perfect short cut

When it comes to styling your bobs and pixie cuts curls and waves can become your best friends, more for those who have the long or choppy bob. When it comes to styling those shorter pixie cuts using lightweight products such as mousses or a styling gel can come in handy, these products will give you a clean messy look and add that extra bit of texture throughout the hair.

Choosing the best look for you

Choosing a new hairstyle can be a difficult choice when it comes to needing a tidy up or a change, here are a few things to think about when choosing to go shorter:


Know a lot of clients don't know why we ask about your lifestyle and it can have a massive impact on the choice of your hair. Someone who enjoys sports and has an active lifestyle where they maybe wash their hair a lot more often would benefit the most from having a shorter cut. People with an active lifestyle would benefit from this as it would stop you from just throwing your hair up all the time and give you the chance to have your hair styled and out of the way. If you are in a profession that requires you to have your hair tired back then this isn't the style for you. This we why we are nosy about these things.


For new bee mums and those with small toddlers shorter hair could be an option for you to think about! We all know that kids get to a certain age when they like to pull or chew everything in their way and your hair is normally one of them. Having a shorter cut could prevent your little ones from getting a hold of your locks while your still looking glam as it doesn't take as long to style.

Your stylist will be able to help discuss your options for shorter styles with you

See you soon in salon

Team Glam


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