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After care - Hair

How to get the most out of your hair once you leave the salon,

So you have spent a few hours in the salon having a pamper and bam your hair is on point!!

Now let’s hope you don’t leave and it’s raining, fingers crossed for hair day being a dry day.

Aftercare - now to get the most out of your salon blowdry it’s simple...

Leave your hair alone!!

That includes brushing and touching it, why? Because your scalp naturally produces oil that when you brush your hair then moves down the hair shaft, similar to when you touch your hair, your hands will spread the oils and additional oils from your hands onto your hair meaning it will need shampooing sooner.

Also the more you mess with it, especially if you have had a curly blowdry the sooner your curls will drop and become looser.

Colour- shampoo your hair in cooler water. Always make sure you‘re using a colour care shampoo and conditioner, now I know you might think what a load of rubbish my 'supermarket' shampoo is fine, sadly certain well known brands are full of ingredients that will strip your fresh colour making hair feel dryer and colour looking faded before its time - yes even the ones that say 'colour care'. Purple shampoos are a must for blondes especially the cooler ashier blondes as the purple tone helps counteract the warm tones that always come back through. But, too much purple shampoo can over tone and cause dryness so be sure to nourish it with a rich conditioner. Always finish your shampoo and conditioner with a cool rinse to shut cuticles and add shine!

And lastly remember to book your next appointment. To keep your colour looking on point, book in every 4-6 weeks for roots/on scalp tint or 6-8 weeks for highlights.

Treat yourself to a Kerasilk treatment to really keep your hair on the top of its game.

Need an appointment?

See you soon

Team Glam


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