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Your final steps from Miss to Mrs

Updated: Aug 7, 2018

For most your wedding day is what you have dreamt of from a very young age maybe playing with your barbies imagining your very own fairy tale, a massive castle venue, an amazing princess dress and more importantly who you prince charming would be.

Fast forward a few years, maybe a couple of break ups, finally you have found your prince and his asked you to marry him with a beautiful ring and now all those thoughts from when you was young really come into there own.

Venues, dress, photographer, cake, flowers, bridesmaids, honeymoon, hair and makeup and the dreaded seating plan all of these create your big day and much more.

Image from salon photo shoot in 2015

Here at GlamouriZe we pride ourselves in truly caring about your big day, from the moment you book in for your wedding consultation up until the big day itself we are on hand, over the years we have been privileged enough to be apart of 100's of brides special days. Hair, nails, makeup and even tan we have it all covered and can take the pressure off and make sure your ready in time.

There truely is something magically about being apart of peoples weddings, whether we have watched the whole relationship blossom or met them just for that reason, we always do our very best to help make your big day go as smoothly as possible, even though most weddings have a couple of little hicups, caters are delayed, power cuts, forgotten your over night bag. For us there is always a 'story' from a wedding from the time Zoe fell over walking into the venue (and she was on her own), to getting lost on the way back to the salon and of course seeing are brides faces as we send them on that very last walk as a Miss.

So why choose Team Glam as your bridal hair stylists, as mentioned we truly care, we are fully insured to come to your wedding venue, this can be a great choice for brides so that they are all chilled in their pjs (we have had brides come into salon in pjs before, we don't have a dress code :P ) and not have to worry about rushing off to get dressed and make it in time to the venue. We always work to have the bridal party ready around an hour before the ceremony this gives time for everyone to get dressed and us time for any final tweaks. Having us come to you means we are there right up until your ready to say those famous words 'I do'.

Alternately you can have exclusive use of the salon on the morning of your wedding, this works well if you are not staying at the venue the night before. Having exclusive use means you can really enjoy the morning with your nearest and dearest invite them along, your photographer, makeup artist we have plenty of room. We have even had brides get dressed in the salon and go straight off to the venue.

What ever your needs let us take the pressure off your wedding morning.

Team Glam


Image from salon photo shoot in 2015

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